Maliheh Paryavi


Elevating Women in Leadership

Increasing the number of women in leadership is just the beginning. We need to also support these women so they continue to shine and light up the way for other women and society as a whole.
— Dr. Maliheh Paryavi

Dr. Maliheh Paryavi provides advisory and consulting services to women in leadership from all over the world so they can more effectively and authentically lead their teams, organizations, and institutions.

CLIENTS: Her clients include executives, directors, policy makers, and up and coming leaders and managers in private, public, and non-profit organizations who are ready to elevate their leadership and want to have a compassionate and dedicated advisor by their side. 

CATERED APPROACH: Dr. Paryavi is natural problem-solver and a sharp strategic thinker with an intuitive and warm nature, a powerful combination that allows her to truly connect with her clients and their needs.  Her expertise in human behavior, decision-making, and political economy uniquely position her at the intersection of economics, psychology, and politics.  This enables her to get to know and support her clients and their organizations on multiple dimensions and serve as a bridge to identify and treat the root causes of their unique leadership, business, political, and organizational challenges.  She combines her unmatched soft and technical skills and the latest behavioral science insights to design a catered holistic engagement plan to help her clients achieve their professional and organizational goals.  

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: Dr. Paryavi provides each client with comprehensive and ongoing leadership, strategic, and technical support catered to their unique needs. When required, she may also incorporate more focused engagement in the following areas:

  • Strategic Communication

  • Negotiation

  • Public Speaking

  • Judgement and Decision-Making

  • Policy Design and Analysis

  • Financial Management

  • Data Science and Analytics

  • Organizational Analysis and Development

  • Human Capital Development

  • Personal Leadership

Dr. Paryavi also guides each leader through designing and implementing interventions aimed at improving their leadership, organization, and workplace to better meet the needs of women both within the organization and beyond.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Given her in-depth approach to empowering her clients from the inside out, Dr. Paryavi is deeply committed to developing an intimate relationship with each client that is built on mutual trust, respect, and strict professionalism and confidentiality. 


The past six months of working with Dr. Paryavi has truly been the most significant of my life!  She is not only caring and compassionate, she is also a technical powerhouse.  I have never had this level of support on so many fronts, and I don’t even know how to put into words the impact she has had on my personal life, leadership, and organization. Dr. Paryavi has empowered me in so many ways and even reignited an amazing journey of self-discovery that I was not expecting when I started working with her. This has been essential to my growth and effectiveness as a leader, which has in turn, significantly affected my organization’s growth and impact. 

So I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity of working with Dr. Paryavi.  Her approach is simply life-changing and highly personalized and tailored to each person’s needs.  For me, it has been a transformational and unearthing experience where I discovered that most of the skills and qualities I need to be the leader I want to be, are already within me.  But it required such a powerful relationship to realize this and learn how to best cultivate and put them into practice. Working with Dr. Paryavi has not only elevated my leadership, but it has elevated my life!
— V.N., Executive director, Non-Profit Organization


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